Our Hospital Will Remain Open During The COVID-19 Pandemic. Learn More Or Contact Us: 301-662-2273. Get Directions. After Hour Emergency: 301-662-CARE (2273)

Why Choose CARE?
You have more than one choice available to you for emergency and specialty services, so why choose CARE?

Our mission is to provide excellent, uncompromising care & convenient and affordable services.

  • The entire staff is proud to provide these services to our community.
  • Emergency cases have a close and easily accessible location.
  • Board-certified specialists are right here in Frederick.
  • Support of local charities and pet events.

CARE is a single hospital and we work cohesively as a team.

Collaboration is encouraged within the hospital.

Cases are not transferred between different practices.

Specialists are on call for the ER doctors if these services are needed.

CARE is open and the doctors are available 24/7.

A veterinarian is always present and supervising patients.

A doctor or technician will come to the phone when you call.

We are flexible in the times that patients are seen or returned to your care.

CARE is committed to be being part of the veterinary team.

ER cases will be treated with your wishes in mind.

You will receive up-to-date information about your cases.

CARE is committed to providing the best emergency and specialty care in the area.

Appointments are available quickly.

The staff is highly trained and continuous education is required and encouraged.

If problems arise the office manager and/or specialists are available directly to help.

Contact Us

CARE Veterinary Center


1080 W Patrick St. Frederick, MD 21703

Clinic Hours

Main Hospital – 24/7, 365 days
Specialty – By appointment, M-F, 9am-5pm