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News Release - January 2, 2019

Dogs injured in Middletown kennel fire discharged from CARE Veterinary Center following hyperbaric oxygen therapy 

FREDERICK, Md. – Five dogs rescued from a devastating fire at Middletown Valley Beagles Kennel on Christmas Eve, which claimed the lives of 15 beagles and several other animals, were provided life-saving medical care by doctors from CARE Veterinary Center, a part of Pathway Vet Alliance, and released on Tuesday.

Five of the 21 dogs rescued from the fire suffered from severe burns and smoke inhalation. The injured dogs were taken to CARE Veterinary Center on Thursday for evaluation and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) treatments.

Upon arrival at CARE, the five beagles were immediately examined by veterinarian Brenda Austin, MS, DACVS- SA. “As soon as the patients arrived at CARE, our team began determining the extent of their injuries and administering emergency treatment,” said Austin.

Veterinarian Kelly L. Gellasch, DACVS, DAIPM joined their care after they were initially examined and receiving HBOT treatments. “They are lucky to be alive and will continue their recovery under the supervision of their primary care veterinarian. Burns can be very dynamic and need significant care throughout the healing process”

“By utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we were able to accelerate the recovery process while limiting their risk of infection. This advanced therapy option is a painless and non-invasive treatment, which greatly improves their chance at survival,” said Austin. “Currently, the prognosis for the dogs is good to guarded. They have a long way to go, however we’re glad to be able to provide specialized treatment and care that gives them the best possible chance at a full-recovery.”  

CARE is the only veterinary hospital in Maryland equipped with a hyperbaric oxygen chamber specifically designed for small animals, which can be used to treat a wide array of conditions including smoke inhalation, severe trauma, thermal burns, and extensive wounds.

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